Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Common Grammar Mistakes (Marie Webb)

Common Grammar Mistakes Workshop

5 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

We’re big advocates of conversational writing that’s engaging, persuasive, and fun. So that means it’s perfectly fine to fracture the occasional stuffy grammatical rule (and many times it’s preferable).
On the other hand, making some grammatical errors just makes you look bad, and hurts your effectiveness. Sometimes we even misuse wordssimply because we hear others use them incorrectly.

So, we’ve assembled the 15 most egregious grammar goofs into one helpful infographic. With this handy reference, you’ll never look silly again.

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1.   Miramar’s English and ESOL Blog!!!

2.   English Grammar & Punctuation & English fundamentals 1-4 these are very useful reference guides but you must order them online or buy them in a story.


4.           Also great for writing resources!

5.          Has idioms of the day and other activities!



Can you spot the grammar error in these pictures?

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