Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Writing Professional Emails (Alexandra Jacobo-Mares)

            Emoticons: Symbols you can type that show how you feel
                   Examples:     :)          ;-)         :(
            Context: Background information that provides greater explanation
            Formal: More serious
            Informal: More relaxed
            Tone: The writer’s attitude toward the reader

Read the following statements out loud. Notice how the tone of each sentence changes due to the use of capitalization and punctuation.
 a. I was waiting for you before class yesterday, and you didn’t show up.


Which situations require a formal (professional) e-mail and which call for an informal e-mail?

Inviting your close friend out to dinner

Asking your instructor for clarification about the grade you received on a test

Making a complaint about the bad service you received at a local store

Asking your family members for their help in planning a family reunion

Requesting an appointment with a college counselor who you have never met

Asking a previous employer for a letter of reference for a job that you’re applying for

Read the following e-mail with your partner. Identify the problems with this e-mail. Open up a blank Microsoft Word document on your computer. Re-write the e-mail so that it is an effective, professional e-mail.
Subject: TEST!!!

Hey teacher. So I got my test back and I can’t believe you gave me a C-. I was so very serprised because I HAVE BEEN DOING SO WELL IN CLASS! Maybe it’s cause I couldn’t study as much as I wanted bcuz my daughter was sick the weekend before the test. :( I couldn’t concintrate!!! It was terrible, she had a very bad fever and was coughing so bad that I had to take her to the doctor. We waited TWO HOURS at the doctors office!!!!! I wanted very much to study but I had to take care of my daughter. Do you know what I mean? BTW, I want to come see you in the English lab tomorrow so you can tell me how I can improve. I hope you will be there tomm. I will be there. I need all the help I can get!!!! :) :-)

P.S. I need a copy of the handout that you gave in class on Thursday.

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