Monday, April 22, 2013

Resume Writing (Kristin Krogh)

Sample Resume:

Use this list of action verbs in your resume and other pieces of business writing:
accommodated                                         accomplished                                achieved
adapted                                                     adjusted                                         administered
analyzed                                                   arranged                                         assembled
assisted                                                    attended                                         awarded
budgeted                                                  built                                                 calculated
coached                                                    collected                                        communicated
compiled                                                  completed                                       composed
computed                                                 conducted                                      converted
coordinated                                            created                                             customized
dealt in                                                      designed                                       determined
developed                                               directed                                            drafted
earned                                                        elected                                           established
estimated                                                 evaluated                                         expanded
expedited                                                 figured                                              fulfilled
guided                                                     handled                                              headed
implemented                                           improved                                         increased
informed                                                 initiated                                            installed
instituted                                               instructed                                            interned
interpreted                                            maintained                                         managed
mapped                                                 monitored                                           motivated
navigated                                             negotiated                                         operated
organized                                             oversaw                                              performed
planned                                                 prepared                                            programmed
provided                                               reappraised                                       received
reconciled                                             reduced                                               re-evaluated
reported                                              researched                                          saved
scheduled                                           searched                                             selected
served                                                   settled                                                sold
solved                                                 supervised                                         taught
tested                                                  tracked                                                trained
translated                                             tutored                                                   updated
upgraded                                            verified                                                weighed
wired                                                    won                                                    worked

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