Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taking Lecture Notes (Sean Perry)

Taking Lecture Notes
Miramar College English Lab
presented by Sean Perry (

Why Take Notes?
Often, you will be tested on the lectures as well as the book
As you write, it helps you remember
The more you remember, the better your GPA will be!

Be Prepared before Class Starts

Make sure you have plenty of paper and extra pens and pencils
Look at the syllabus to know what the lecture will be about
Do the assigned reading and come with questions

Organize Your Notes

Arrange your notes by class and keep them all together.  Use page numbers
Write the date before each lecture
Keep the notes in order by date

Once the Lecture Starts

Be brief and only write down the main points
Use content words (mostly nouns and verbs)
Skip lines or use indentation to separate information

Use Symbols to Save Time

Use = for “same as” or “is”
Not the same as  =   ¹
And = &  or  +
Therefore =  \
Becomes =  à
For example =  e.g.
With   =   w/
Without =   w/o

Look and Listen for clues

Copy down whatever the professor writes on the board (copy formulas and equations carefully!)
Listen for emphasis and repetitions to know what is important
Listen for verbal clues (there are 2 points of view, this happens in 3 stages, etc.)

After Class

Read over your notes to makes everything makes sense
Ask the professor if anything is unclear
Get together with other classmates to review your notes

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